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Two corona infected people have escaped from the isolation ward of Narayani Hospital. A hospital source said that they escaped from the toilet window on Wednesday afternoon. Both of them are said to be from Wadha No. 16, Inerwa and Ghasukpur of Birgunj. 

After the hospital administration informed about it, the police conducted a search, said Superintendent of Police Ganga Pant. On Tuesday, 39 people from Parsa and 40 people from Bara, including 40, tested positive for corona and all 40 were brought to the hospital’s isolation ward. She said two of those brought in on Tuesday escaped.

Comments have surfaced on social media that he fled the hospital after the mishap. The hospital administration has said that there was mismanagement. Of the 64 people admitted to Narayani Hospital in isolation, two have escaped. There is widespread concern that the infection will spread after they flee.

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