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NEW YORK, April 26 (Xinhua) – Corona has postponed a concert she had never seen before and changed the ‘Changes’ concert. With the virus epidemic, the rest of this year’s intimate performances will be experienced, and like her, BTS, Bad Bunny and canceled stage shows and appearances. Have done. Similarly, through the biggest virtual music concert, the music festival ‘Kochella’ has been postponed to entertain the audience. The concert was held in France last September.

The machine label group released a new album on social media on Friday on ABC Channel’s social club El Olympia in Paris, through the singer-songwriter network. Before the finale of ‘Idol’ after the songs sung by Swift were included, she had protested against ‘Taylor’ on social media. Swift was shot during a musical performance at the City of Lovers Concert. Music manager Scooter Brown announced the presentation.

Singer Swift’s Catalog Purchase So Concert Due to the Corona virus epidemic in France last September, all the songs in her voice were disputed over the copyright of her ‘Lover Fest’ concert of the year held at the El Olympia Theater in Paris.
The television show, which was shot during the singer’s Swift performance, was aired last year by Baun’s Itha Holding. The concert is set to be her seventh studio album. Her ‘Lover Fest’ concert, led by Borchetta, has moved to next year after the Big Machine label ‘Lover’ performed songs. He had announced the purchase. Which will even show the scene.

Singer of this year from 2006 to 2017 through social network Twitter. ‘Corona virus epidemic prevention had canceled the rest of the stage concerts and live appearances canceled albums. Out of this, she had informed that she had done it as soon as the lockdown was done for control. We’re all at home, ‘he said, adding that ABC’s talent selection was one of his concerts the following year. In 2018, Eric Abram, head of the singing department, said, ‘Taylor dates will be announced later this year. Swift left the Bing Machine label and Universal Swift and her fan family had previously signed a deal with singer Justin Bieber for their music. LAFACE

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