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Here are some steps to get free youtube add free premium version for 6 month those who are Flipkart users.

  1. First login your Flipkart credentials. Enter your Flipkart Plus ID.
  2. Select Flipkart zone and go to Claim Exclusive Reward section.
  3. In Exclusive Reward section there is YouTube Premium Reward, it cost only 150 super coin.
  4. Select that offer and you will receive voucher.
  5. You can use this voucher for 6 month for the youtube premium version.
  6. This trick is useful for those who are new users in youtube and never active trial premium member.
  7. Go to YouTube Premium Free Subscription after login into your youtube account and activate that voucher.
  8. Click on try it for free.
  9. Thats all. Enjoy you 6 month free Youtube Premium member.
  10. Remember you can cancel your account anytime before your 6 month trial period end.

For more Details please visit this page.

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