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(Kovid-19) The people are protesting against the leaders of the ruling party fighting against each other. There is still a long way to go to get Corona back to normal life. The government has not paid much attention to how to deal with the destitute workers and the poor.

The government has gone to great lengths, but due to its inability to do the work it needs to do effectively, new ‘spots’ of Kovid-19 infection are appearing. At such a time, the leaders of the ruling party have joined hands in the game of killing each other at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Baluwatar. The crisis of power politics, which has been infected due to the controversial steps taken by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, has been averted for the time being. However, the last two weeks have seen a spate of factional tensions within the ruling Communist Party of Nepal (CPN-M), which has played a big role in the peaceful atmosphere of the end. For that, factional discussions are still going on.

After the change of factional equation, the quarrel within the party, which is said to have been settled, has again raised the possibility of one or the other. Senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has indicated that the current crisis is temporary.
It remains to be seen what new crises Toko will bring in the coming days, with plans by Prime Minister Oli not to run the government alone in consultation with the party, with plans to bring the defeated Vice President Bamdev Gautam to the federal parliament and make him prime minister. After the adjournment of the party, Standing Committee Member and Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradip Gyawali said, “There was a lot of tension. Now we can focus on controlling the corona.” Leaders are convinced that they will not resort to factionalism, reshuffling of the Prime Minister or even splitting the party.

However, such activities by them confirm that they are not responsible for the country and the people at all. It is time to find out what the government has done to prevent the spread of Kovik-19 infection and to provide effective treatment in the affected areas.

Even after the daily livelihood of the common man has been cut short, the government is ready to work on how to remove the wood for how many more days and how to remove it. Hospitals, Janak Medical Materials, Contact Tesid’s They are saying that it is not prepared.

The new case should be seen in the canteen period of 14 to 22 days. However, doctors are expressing concern that new cases of corona have been seen in various places in Nepalgunj due to the inability to communicate with the contagion of the sympathizer.

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