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Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) young striker Kियनlian Mbappe has won the Golden Boot in the Paris French League One. Mbappe has been given the award for scoring the most goals in the French League One this season. Due to the fear of the corona virus, the League One committee had recently decided to stay in the French league. PSG, which is at the top of the league, was declared the champion. Mbappe had scored the most 18 goals in the league.

Along with him, Monaco’s Wissam Ben Eder also scored 18 goals. But Mbappe has decided to give him a golden butt as he has scored many goals in fewer games. Mbappe had scored the goal in 20 games. Eder played 25 games. Similarly, Mbappe scored all the goals openly.
He did not take any penalty for any goal. Eder scored three goals from the penalty spot. Due to which Mbappe was considered excellent. Mbappe, 21, has won the Golden Boot for the second consecutive season in the French league. He also clinched the title last season. It has been reported that Mbappe, who is in a high form in PSG, wants to leave PSG in summer transfer recently.

At the same time, PSG has even offered a new deal to keep him at the club. PSG is going to provide the money to Mbappe to Brazilian superstar Neymar. PSG chief Nasir al-Khelaifi has offered Mbappe a million pounds a week like Neymar. Earlier, Mbappe had been earning लाख 300,000 a week. It is said that MBAP is happy to stay in PSG after the club made a double offer. Mbappe came to PSG on loan from Monaco in 2017. His tenure in PSG is till 2022. Due to Corona, the French government has imposed a ban on sports activities until next September.

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