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Before that, the number of people going to see the art kept in the Bagmati Art Gallery of the council was good. Council member and Taish artist Hari Behka estimates that the number of observers will decrease after the lockdown, even though there is no stress including SANSAR rent due to its own building. Artist Gehendraman Amatya has been operating the ‘Amatya Art Gallery’ in Bangemudha alone.

The gallery, which has been operating with the income from the sale and artwork, has not been opened after Saraswati Puja. It is for sale to foreigners as well. In the number of art lovers. Jaya said that the painting could be made while hoping that the painting, which she liked could have a long-term impact on the region due to the growing epidemic, could be prepared. If this time worker considers Inamulwana Mandhanashami Talakar, he may become accustomed to loneliness. Even the daily life of an artist like himself. We have to pay, we don’t go to the artwork after we get rid of such difficulties, he says. Jyoti Makhan Motivikar Jaya Sharma This time it is different and it has to be created.

Things like going to the crowd seem to be new – Nepali Vikla, like the Parthian foreigners, can create a classical creation if the situation is affected. They are back to normal. She says that now foreign tourists have visited Nepal. Her claim to be a woman for the last time. In order to be attracted to art, even if it takes a lot of work, the situation of Nasthasakar’s life may have to be taken as an opportunity. How long has it been since Rhandharnasari Rahanga started an online sale of artefacts with a solo exhibition of letters, not just from art galleries? Jaya, who is in the company of an artist, has the same pain as the other artists. Lately, the artist Moti Prakash has started an online fundraiser at Manbola in the morning at Manbola. Are

Artist Jyoti Prakash says that Sir Joshi Sadhan, the artist of Gajan Naskar Lagafika Paripar. Even though Nidhi E-Maal Bale has made the workers the subject of online horoscopes. According to the times when it is easy to reach the stage of performing art for a long time. Corona Panic had already started when N Print Making, Nepal started its art exhibition at Siddhartha Art Gallery in Radhika Adhikari Nabarmahal. The exhibition, which featured more than a hundred works by 54 printmakers, was seldom attended by spectators and could not run until the deadline. There was no question of selling the art in the exhibition. Sangeeta Thapa, director of Siddhartha Art Gallery, says that the gallery that came out of such an exhibition is in a dilemma now. Even when there was no exhibition in Siddhartha, the number of visitors was average daily. Although the number of people buying artwork was low, it was not difficult to run a gallery.

She said that after the lockdown, they are trying to pay the rent of the gallery and pay the staff. She says, ‘It seems that it will take at least a month to return to the old condition even if it is not opened. Closing the gallery is not an option if MacDown is to continue for a long time. Sarita Dangol and her group exhibited at the Art Mansial of Babarmahal. 

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