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Critics are critical of the content. I’ve done a lot of work on it.

Apparently, I was interested in acting. There was a lot of squabbling in Skisht. There was a rehearsal, ‘the principle of traditional acting was adopted. How do you feel I did so much. The director should also break it down. But, it was sad to demolish it. I got interested in the movie I played and got excited.

When the artist knows that he is destroying it, he returns to his own past in his spare time and only the audience likes my character.

Don’t. ‘ How easy is it to do that? You may have seen, struggling in the theater yesterday

It’s not fun. How do you build a character while acting well in cinema? Some traditional rules justify us to play only after we have differentiated between Vipin and Vipin now?

Is taught. Got a lot of things over time?

Hurry me

Is completed. In one Jhar movie, many characters were mixed in one character. I see the change by assimilating it. And, I found myself quite scared. Are not recognized Someone

Instead of doing a good job, don’t copy or caricature a good one. You have to try to give someone newness. Looking back on the newness of the past, I am gone.

Even though we had a small role in the film, we all felt like the voice, someone’s body language, someone’s non-existent voice. Enthusiasm, enthusiasm decreases you ‘not Vipin Karki’

I am happy about that. I Laughter, someone’s walk mixes. It happens. So your talk, style and. I thought it was gone. Asked about acting, he said, “No.” The movie I play should be good overall. Practices You have to add experience to that film or theater. And only Yannick’s interest has not diminished.

Looks like Ray, it’s not the same as when others call my character. That happens. Everything is taught by the teacher, but exercise and more practice

To come When the film falls, I still have to work hard to make it. I do not know what to do. Others also say. It is sad that the face can be chosen.

Yes It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s that I don’t like it, it’s that I don’t like it, it’s that I don’t like it, it’s that I don’t like it, it’s that I don’t like it, it’s that I don’t like it. It seems to have decreased. I did it in a hurry and I will tell you. It seems to be known so many times.

Is it difficult? Much of the hard work done in Selfie King

A celebrity is a character who has never been known but wanted. Find the difference.

The film is a thoughtful choice. Is there an ‘observer’ with the same face? The mind became cold. I have a lot to do

Even if there are examples of failures, I think that acting is also a character of a negative sense. I work in my own style


They start doing it. Be careful, I want to be smart. To do so, you have to do Naka, Chadke, which has been missed

That also happens. Shows only script and acting. That is why I have made familiar faces including Pashupati Prasad. But, I realized that. Somewhere I am not in favor of the film in the air. Never know about many other aspects.

I want to do something different than that. I also felt that I was doing the latter. Sometimes there are actors while acting. And, one artist is responsible for everything

Only the constant positive character in the film still works hard to do now. Now the character cannot be judged. I can’t take it. How do you know the reason for not doing that?

Are However, the viewer or the reviewer wonders when the negative character will be able to work. I felt pain in some movies. GetUp thinks differently than others know. She is becoming attractive. What is the feeling like that?

I have to think about the role. By changing all understanding. Going that way will happen to me too. I can’t be the character I should have been. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Responsibility is exhausting. I don’t ring the suggestion bell. That’s how much more. After the hardening के what you plan to do is different. In some cases, the audience and the critics are overwhelmed by the artist’s work through drama or screen. So my get-up in the movie is different

Is it Even being away from the theater was considered very difficult. But, you have to talk about society. Even when one side is better than that, an accident happens. So my real face became Bhatt. Do you have any plans to return? Which one did you think was ‘perfect’? He’s not the only one there.

Are not recognized Sometimes I think the movie is the one that made the deal after the talk, my acting is never complete. Justice in one character

They ask where they saw you. Have to There was no need to do anything new. Behan Mahan, who has done acting before, failed in the overall plan. You have worked the hardest, then I am thinking while he is thinking. Even in the theater, some plans are seen from time to time. To be an artist. What is the wrong character of the message it gives?

It is gone. Someone is becoming ‘Vipin Karki’. It is better to do what you have done in April-May. The religion that that artist plays is misleading in the film I made in the beginning. No. ‘ He asked, “No.” I was like, stopped. Not talking to Vimal Subediji. There is a kind of opposite in what you do. I remember the push character in everything. That was my debut

Looks like Ray, others say too. The face is happening. There should be fear on the stage immediately after the lockdown. There is always something new to learn.

Mubhi agrees. Earlier in the film

The match is a little ‘. This is also working. Had to be .

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