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I started to attract the best UML by insuring Sai. In spite of this, he adopted restraint. A Chinese police deputy arrived at the embassy of Manak in Kathmandu on Friday morning to remind the Chinese inspector. Were Their demand was that we should get rid of our own banned and existing people as soon as possible. The police inspector continued to love them. When he got the ribbon from there, he went to his mother with a strong woman. Bhakali is one. Holding the parakeet in the right hand of two police inspectors, they gathered in front of Singha Durbar and started shouting slogans. Other Chinese to accompany him. Began to wear.

They said we don’t have money. At the same time, another Chinese man came to our house. You have written in Chinese and English that you have to go home to see Jami. They were carrying cars with slogans. Placards showed. By showing the card in the restricted area, they have a non-native Sambar of Mirrorbar. After the Chinese citizen was boiled, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Niyon Garm met with Metropolitan Police Circle Superintendent Hari Bahadur Basnet Kai. Chief of Singha Durbar, Deputy Superintendent of Police Bade. Then the Chinese attacked the police. Hari Bahadur Basnet himself was deployed. When the Chinese started beating them, the police barricaded them. Demand to return home On Friday, Chinese nationals who had come to the Siddhi area in front of the main gate of Singha Durbar were forced to move towards Mihdarwar. DSP Haribahawar Ramram Shatir Both, found in the measure of the citizen’s removal. When the case started attacking the police in Miami alone, it went awry. Namarbharat Kandh was burdened by Chinese citizens and people. न्। After a few days of squabbling over the head of Deputy Superintendent of Police Basnet, the police had a book.

The police were also learned uncles. These Chinese policemen have been injured by the police. While the load was heavy, the Chinese did not allow them to move forward. The Chinese were at least the protagonists of the Eknia app. There were minor injuries on both sides in Kahap.

While sitting on the sidewalk and giving money, Baman started attacking the police to attract the attention of the government by showing some placards. They may have come with the intention of the police. According to Gyawali, those who pushed him towards the crowded Bhadrakali in the restricted area were taken under control and kept in the sub-station when the police in Vastimanda searched for him. Sixteen of them were women who were harassing the police. Were There were neither four Chinese nor a handful of people who attacked the police in a case of indecent behavior. The police, who have registered a case against the citizen for indecent behavior, have been urging the metropolitan police to withdraw from the area. DSP Hari Bahadur of Campus Sihdarbar but he did not.

They were accompanied by an additional team of inspectors, including Chinese-speaking police and security guards. According to SP Somendra Singh Rathore. Was taken under control at They want to arrest the perpetrators and send others back to their homeland. He has been released for a month. “They have come to protest against the Chinese embassy in Singha Durbar, where four people have been detained for protesting against China,” said Shyamlal Jawali, Abha police chief of the Kathmandu Criminal Code. Nepal and China, Rathore said.

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