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Prime Minister Scott Morrison plans to restore Australian public life in about two months. Meanwhile, Australia is now allowing international students to come in two months later. The Australian government has reportedly phased out restrictions on international students coming to control coronavirus infections in various countries since July.
He became the prime minister after a cabinet meeting on Friday to lift the ban. According to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the government will consult with the public sector on plans to lift the ban in three phases. Have done In Australia, Corona Prime Minister Morrison has so far lost 97 lives due to the first virus, while cafes, restaurants, parks, and the decision to open 6,000 camps, including 96, have been infected. Of which 6 have done.

Even if Australia has only crippled 35 thousand people who have recovered. The health department suffered a huge financial loss. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison unveiled a three-phase plan to open the lockdown. According to the statistics, in the last 24 hours, after the use of SPS, a total of 22 newly infected economic activities have been found by the end of July, and about 90 percent of the plans to bring them into operation have been brought about 90 percent so far. That is to say, public life and restrictions can be curtailed here. The tests have been made public at Rs 22,500.

The virus has been cured and will strengthen the economy, ”he said. Has been done. As part of the first phase, the number of newly infected families will be reduced to five at a regular press conference on Friday, Morrison said. Even the external government has taken this decision.

He said up to 10 people have been analyzed for if infected virus activity. In case of increase, the government will be able to meet additional plans of KMG. He also said that the government has made it public. Earlier, in the second plan of the family gathering, only one member would be allowed to meet up to 20 people every three weeks for information on publishing the overall advertisement of the country. Considering the current situation, the ban on gathering in groups in the area will be lifted. After the announcement of the central government, all kinds of tenders and other information were put up here.

According to Dr. Bendon Roka, Health Officer, the state government will immediately implement most of the schemes in these restaurants and cafes by 10 muffs at this stage. We request you to contact South Australia, Swinnland, Vumber. They will be able to keep and eat.

Social Capital Inclusion Australian Capital Territory (ACT) न्दAnand Kumar Singh: 980129 coos In the second phase, the government has put forward • Asurari Gyawali: 9801228000 to implement it at the local level. Up to 20 participants in the marriage will be implemented in the first phase of the scheme. • Upendraman Karmacharya: 9801228005 will be decentralized in the territory government.

People will be able to gather. New South Bells and Victoria Galer: marketing@kmg.com.np The Prime Minister’s plan is to restore the status quo in Australia, as well as officials from the Narcotics Department and Morrison. They have indicated that they will not implement it immediately.

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