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India has opened a road to Mansarovar, a religious site in Tibet, China, via Kalapani and Lipulek in Nepal. The road, which was constructed unilaterally without any consultation with the Nepali side, was inaugurated by Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday via video conference from Delhi. The road connecting China to the northwestern part of Darchula was built in November 2019 after a new political map was issued by India.

It has been found that the government of Nepal is unaware of the construction of the road. Indian Defense Minister Singh also inaugurated the road entering China from Pithoragarh, Dharchula, Kalapani and Lipulek in Uttarakhand. Singh also thanked the Border Roads Organization of India (BRO) for completing the road.

Singh tweeted on Friday that the BRO had been doing an excellent job of connecting the border for several years. According to Budhinarayan Shrestha, a border expert, the Lipulek area is far from the Limpiyadhura area of ​​the Nepal-India border. “Lipulek belongs to Nepal,” said Shrestha, who is also the former director general of the Department of Surveying and Mapping. Shrestha suggested resolving the previous border dispute and the current issue as soon as possible by talking to the Indian government through diplomatic channels.

Former Foreign Secretary Madhurman Acharya said that the Government of Nepal should send a ‘protest note’ to the Government of India as soon as possible. ‘It is wrong to come to other people’s land and build a road. Across Mahakalipa, India can do everything, including building roads.
But Mahakaliwari is Nepal and nothing can be done here without Nepal’s consent, ‘he said.’ No law in the world allows such roads to be built. ‘ File photo from the Twitter account of Kola Sali Rajnath Singh of Uttarakhand, India.

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